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Transducers Direct®
Low Cost Pressure Transducer
TDH31 Vacuum Pressure Transducer
0 - 5000psi
1% accuracy
starting at $89
stock - many configurations
same day shipping

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Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches Manufacturer

Innovative sensors for industrial and home automation

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Transducers Direct® develops advanced industrial sensor technology and manufactures pressure transducers, vacuum pressure transducers, melt pressure transducers, linear transducers, pressure switches, flow switches, temperature switches, liquid level switches, and digital display meters for quality, OEM and custom solutions.

Transducers Direct customers experience world-class customer service and consistent quick turn around. Our dedicated engineers routinely guide end-user, Reseller and OEM buyers on product selection and technical integration.

ORDER NOW! Our TDEPS Electronic Pressure Switch.
PRE-ORDER! Our TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer (install video below).
PRE-ORDER! Our TDEPD Pressure Switch/Transducer with Integrated LED Display.

Call 513-583-9491 to discuss your application, check availability, and place an order.

  Featured Pressure Transducers Video:  TDWLB Marine HVAC Installation

   TD Videos Page

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Magnetostrictive Linear Position Transducer

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Transducers Direct® is now blogging about our wide range of transducers and applications. Click here to stay up to date with all we have to offer.

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Transducers Direct® has a large selection of special, reduced-price overstock. Click here for the complete list.

Digital Pressure Transducer

Digitally Designed Pressure Transducer


  • View the TD1000 Video
  • Totally digital design
  • Highly accurate digital measurements
  • Redundant sensing elements
  • 24V digital output signal to set pressure or temperature switch points
  • Custom outputs and pressure ranges
  • Low current consumption
  • IP69K seal rating available
  • Learn all about the TD1000

For more infomation and purchasing contact us.

To maximize your buying power and protect your time, Transducers Direct offers an intimate price tiered, configurable, standardized, set of transducers and switches. We can show you how our transducers and switches are configurable to help meet your goals. Ask, and our engineers will quickly provide a real answer.

We offer lucrative opportunities to Reseller and OEM sales partners. Our OEM and Reseller accounts receive personalized support and special pricing. Sales quotas and contracts are not required to partner with us. Our products are industry standard and configurable, so sales opportunities are unlimited. Past OEMs and Resellers have succeeded in Assembly, Beverage, Construction, Food, Hydraulic, Machining, Medical, Military, Paper, Pharmaceutical, and Plastic industrial markets.

What Does Transducers Direct® Offer?

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service

  • Easy ordering
  • Great savings

Our web site offers easy online ordering with real-time smart configuration. Products adjust dynamically, displaying only relevant pressure and options. Data sheets are posted with each product. You can buy online, or call the Transducers Direct® office for volume purchases. All products are guaranteed.

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