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Transducers Direct is an innovative manufacturer of leading-edge sensor products providing Industrial, IoT and Home Automation markets with products that offer numerous industry-first features.

Transducers Direct is an industry leader due to our innovative and custom designs, low-cost products, and our World Class Technical Support and Customer Service! We specialize in Wireless Pressure Transducers, Wired Pressure Transducers, Linear and Melt Pressure, Pressure Switches and Custom Sensor Solutions. Since 1999, we have helped OEM's and End Users alike save millions of dollars; all while improving product performance!

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Transducers Direct designs and manufactures innovative pressure transducers and pressure sensors for industrial and home automation. Dedicated to personal customer service, our engineers routinely advise and guide end-user, Reseller and OEM buyers on pressure transducer and pressure sensor product selection and technical integration.

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  • TDWLB Wireless Pressure Transducer $99.00 Quick view

    CirrusSense™ TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer – 100 psi with G1/4

    Special Price Offer! CirrusSense™ TDWLB Wireless Pressure Transducer. Datasheet » CirrusSense™ Router Guides » CirrusSense App™ Quick Start Guide » Product Videos »
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  • TDEPD Pressure Switch/Transducer From: $279.00 Quick view

    TDEPD – Pressure Switch/Transducer with Integrated LED Display

    The TDEPD Field-Programmable Pressure Switch/Transducer with Integrated LED Display. Datasheet » TDEPD Programming Sequence Manual »
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    OEM Price: $149.00 *
  • TD1000 Pressure Transducer From: $199.00 Quick view

    TD1000 Pressure Transducer

    Ultra High Resolution Digital Measurement, General Purpose, Pressure Transducer that Includes Vacuum and Compound Pressure Ranges. Datasheet »
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    OEM Price: $115.00 *
  • TDH30 Pressure Transducer - Transducers Direct $93.00 Quick view

    TDH30 Pressure Transducer

    The TDH30 Series Low Cost OEM Pressure Transducer. Datasheet »
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    OEM Price: $49.00 *
* Base Model OEM Pricing is per 1000 Units.