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New! Low-Cost Wireless Pressure Transducer for
OEM Applications

The TDWLB-LC breaks technology barriers by allowing users to wirelessly monitor pressure either locally or remotely with a sensor that is now extremely lightweight, has extended communication range, extended battery life, and at an incredibly low price point targeted for OEM applications. Suitable for permanent installations, the TDWLB-LC is the most technically advanced, flexible, and powerful wireless pressure sensor on the market.

TDWLB-LC Low Cost OEM Wireless Pressure TransducerTransducers Direct's new TDWLB-LC series is a wireless transducer for monitoring pressure in a wide variety of applications. The TDWLB-LC transducer communicates locally with both Apple and Android smart devices through the Transducers Direct free Apps. The user has the ability to name the sensors and set high/low alarms in the Apps, as well as view sub-cooling and superheat calculations for HVAC/R applications. The user also has the ability to do permanent installations and view the TDWLB-LC sensor data remotely by using a companion product, the CirrusSense wireless gateway. Now, the user no longer has to be onsite with the application to view the TDWLB-LC sensor measurements. Data can be viewed anytime, anywhere in the world an internet connection is available. Data is stored in Transducers Direct secure data portal, where the user can set up email and text alerts when alarm thresholds are met. In addition, the data is logged and time stamped. Now the user can use the data to look for trends, an especially effective way to troubleshoot system issues without leaving the office. Optionally, OEMs have the ability to work with Transducers Direct to incorporate different communication protocols, such as Zigbee, Thread, or Z-Wave in order to make the sensor usable in their application.

Transducers Direct's new TDWLB-LC wireless pressure transducer breaks barriers in terms of performance, weight, and price makes this the solution of choice for any application where a wireless output is desirable. The TDWLB-LC transducer offers excellent resolution and noise immunity, reliably accurate measurements, all-the-while using very little power making the sensor suitable for permanent installations. Battery life is 24+ months and the transducer does not have to be removed from the application to replace the battery. Important to note, battery life is not being extended in the TDWLB-LC by slowing down the update rate of the sensor which is becoming common practice in the industry and can have serious effects on automated systems. The TDWLB-LC transducer offers 10x the output resulting in ~3x increase in line-of-sight communication range versus its predecessor, at no expense to battery life! Now, even with the installation of the TDWLB-LC sensor on rooftops or buried in a machine where communication range can be seriously affected, the communication range of the TDWLB-LC transducer is still usable.

The TDWLB-LC transducer utilizes Ultem 2300 composite material as means to come in at half the weight of its predecessor. This is an industry first and a major leap forward in terms of packaging technology within the pressure transducer industry. With the move to Ultem 2300 from stainless steel, and taking into account other cost reduction features within the sensor, Transducers Direct is able to offer this transducer at previously unheard of price points. The price level of the TDWLB-LC is now especially attractive to OEMs who wanted this technology but couldn't justify the price. For example, companies within the  HVAC/R market making wireless thermostats have been asking for a sensor with this functionality and price point in order to add refrigerant pressure and temperature to the capabilities of their systems. It allows for the engineers designing new systems to consider the advantages of a continuous output device versus simply installing a switch. It will give OEMs who incorporate it the ability to differentiate their product in the market. This is an industry-leading product and there is nothing on the market that compares!

Low Cost Wireless Solution for Smart Commercial and Residential Automation

Transducers Direct is continuing to add new products to its CirrusSense family of wireless products. Currently being worked on is a wireless temperature sensor as a companion product to the TDWLB-LC. This is a separate sensor that can be used in the same system as the TDWLB-LC and will communicate to the App for the user to see and utilize both the pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously. There are many applications where this provides an advantage, an example would be HVAC/R applications. Also, under consideration are other sensing technologies such as tank level sensing and flow.

Contact Transducers Direct at 513-583-9491 or email to learn more about the TDWLB-LC pressure transducer as well as the rest of the CirrusSense family.

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  1. Can we obtain the temperature units, with the pressure units? Also where are the batteries obtainable in the market place? Thanks, Bill
  2. we design refrigeration systems for an OEM plus field applications . Also, interested in providing wireless pressure / temperature - operation data to customers on a sustem of our own design build sell . Please contact : James R. Faulk , President Reliable Refrigeration Co. 4030 N. NC Hwy 119 Mebane , NC 27302 USA NC Refrigeration License 982 Commercial / Industrial ( since 1968 ) Thermal Systems Engineered today for tomorrow 336.263.7572 mobile

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