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TDWLB-DL Series: Wireless Bluetooth Pressure & Temperature Transducer with Data Logging Capability

The TDWLB series wireless pressure and temperature transducer has changed the way many applications now receive the measurement data in their applications. Because it’s incredibly long battery life makes it suitable for permanent installations, it has proven to be “game-changing” technology.

TDWLB-DL Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer with Data Logging CapabilityWith widespread market acceptance of the technology, requests for specialized versions of the sensor are being received and addressed by Transducers Direct. Resulting from these requests, the NEW TDWLB-DL series incorporates short-term data logging capability.

Originally, data logging was accomplished using the CirrusSense router/gateway which accepted the data from the TDWLB sensors and pushed that data up to the cloud where it was stored and could be retrieved anytime/anywhere an internet connection was available. But, there are applications where short-term datalogging is required and a WIFI or Ethernet connection isn’t available. An example of these types of applications includes HVAC technicians who need to gather pressure and temperature data to diagnose issues with AC and refrigeration systems. In addition, there are many testing and/or machine run-off applications where pressure and temperature data is logged in order to evaluate the performance of a system or machine.

The TDWLB-DL series stores data in one of two modes, either “Fill Until Full” or “FIFO” mode. If storing both pressure and temperature data, then ~16,000 records can be saved. If only pressure or temperature data is being stored, then ~32,000 records can be saved. To make the data more relevant to the specific application, the sampling rate of the TDWLB-DL is adjustable through the FREE Apple or Android App. Adjustable sampling rates range from 50ms to 1 hour allowing the user to record the data in a time interval specific to their application.

The stored data is timestamped and can be viewed in the TDWLB-DL App in a list format and trend graphs can be viewed in the App as well. Data logged files can be emailed from the App in a spreadsheet format where the recipient can then go into further detail with the data to format it to suit whatever requirements are needed. Up to three data logging sessions can be stored in the App at one time, making this by far the most flexible and powerful solution on the market.

This incredible tool is only available from Transducers Direct with initial production to begin in Q4, 2017. The official product launch will be at the AHR Expo, where live demos of the product can be viewed in the Transducers Direct booth, #3340.

For further information or to receive a quote, contact Transducers Direct at 513-583-9491 or

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