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New TDWLB-LC Series Wireless Pressure Transducer Being Introduced at the IBEX 2017 Show

Transducers Direct is breaking barriers again with the introduction of the TDWLB-LC series wireless pressure transducer in September at the IBEX 2017 show in Tampa, Florida.  The TDWLB-LC series sensor is built on the same platform as its predecessor but incorporates features that make it attractive for use in a wider range of applications and markets.

The TDWLB-LC wireless pressure transducer is made using lighter weight materials which reduce the weight of the sensor by half of the original TDWLB series product.  Now, the TDWLB-LC series pressure transducer can be used in weight sensitive applications such as refrigerant monitoring in marine air conditioning where the copper tubing is extremely thin and the weight of the sensor could crack the lines.

In addition, the communication range of the TDWLB-LC series transducers has been significantly increased, up to 2-3x the line-of-sight distance than the original TDWLB sensor.  This increase in distance is not at the expense of battery life.  Battery life is expected to be extended to 24 months to 5+ years typical even with the increase in output power from the transducer.

Most amazing of all, these additional features are available in the TDWLB-LC series transducers at a drastically reduced price.  OEMs from around the world have wanted to incorporate the original TDWLB wireless technology into their products but found the price to be prohibitive.  Now, the TDWLB-LC series pressure transducer comes in at ~1/3 of the price of its predecessor and opens the door to a wide array of OEM applications.

Transducers Direct has developed the TDWLB-LC series with customization in mind.  For example, OEMs who want wireless capability in their product line but require a different communication protocol can be readily accommodated.  With vast experience in wireless technology, Transducers Direct also welcomes discussions on completely custom developments to suit a customer’s specific application.

The TDWLB-LC series pressure transducer can be seen at the IBEX 2017 Show in Tampa, Florida in Transducers Direct’s booth, #137.  Boat builders from around the world will see the sensor in action and see how it is a great solution for refrigerant monitoring on their marine AC system, and for monitoring back pressure on their fuel filter and sea strainer lines to know when the filters need to be cleaned or changed.

The official product launch and full production of the TDWLB-LC series are scheduled for Q1 2018 in conjunction with the AHR Expo in Chicago in January.  At that show OEMs in the HVAC/R market will see firsthand how this technology can enhance their product, make it more efficient, and differentiate them from the competition.

Contact the sales team at 513-583-9491 or email at for more information or to discuss your application.

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