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What is Spike Monitoring Technology?

TD1000 Pressure TransducerA few years ago, Transducers Direct took on the challenge of developing a pressure transducer family that would address a number of issues that customers were experiencing but couldn’t address with the current technology available in the market. From that development, the TD1000 was born and with it came features such as all digital measurements, redundant sensing elements, IP69K water ingress protection, customizable pressure ranges and outputs with same day shipping, alarm indication for a pressure or temperature set point, and Spike Monitoring Technology™.

Transducers Direct works incredibly hard to produce a top-quality pressure transducer. Every sub-assembly is tested, every fully assembled pressure transducer is tested at specific pressure points and temperature points during the calibration process, and then before being shipped to our customers, every pressure transducer undergoes a final functional test. Yet, for all that testing we periodically receive return requests for sensors that have failed in the field. Most often, the common thread running through the sensors that have failed is that they were caused by pressure spikes or overpressure in the customer’s application.

Most users don’t know if there are pressure spikes in their system. In fact, many would say there aren’t. It’s hard to know if pressure spikes are occurring, many are transient spikes of high amplitude but very short duration and not seen by the controller. In addition, there are pressure spikes or overpressure conditions that tend to be application specific. These applications create overpressure conditions that include water hammering and micro-dieseling. Regardless of the cause or the overpressure condition, the effect on the pressure transducer can be very destructive.

Our intent in developing the Spike Monitoring Technology™ was to be able to capture the pressure data that allows Transducers Direct to help the customer “resize” the pressure transducer to fit the application when there’s a failure due to overpressure. Whether it’s increasing the proof pressure of the transducer, or perhaps its expanding the operating pressure range, either way the goal is the same. Eliminate the cost of system/machine downtime due to pressure transducer failure caused by overpressure or pressure spikes.

Spike Monitoring Technology™ is the diagnostic capability within the sensor allowing for it to monitor and record overpressure events to address and alleviate failures in applications due to overpressure. The overpressure events monitored and recorded by the transducer are those pressures seen by the sensor that are 20% over the operating pressure range of the transducer or above.

Spike Monitoring Technology™ captures two types of diagnostic information. First, it counts pressure spikes at two different levels—at 20% or above of the operating pressure range of the sensor and pressure spikes seen that exceed the proof pressure specification. In addition, we log in memory the highest pressure seen. Because the update rate of the TD1000 is 1ms, Spike Monitoring Technology™ is very effective at capturing virtually all of the overpressure events. With this information, “resizing” the pressure transducer to fit the customer’s exact application is now possible.

Up until now, the data from the Spike Monitoring Technology™ was retrieved when the sensor was returned to Transducers Direct and the registers were read. It’s a quick process, but the pressure transducer had to be returned to the factory in order for the data to be extracted.

TDEPD Electronic Pressure Switch/Transducer with 360 Degree LED DisplayNow, that’s changed with one of Transducers Direct’s new products built on the TD1000 series platform. The TDEPD (Transducers Direct Electronic Pressure Switch/Transducer with Integrated 360° LED Display) is a remarkable product that is completely Field Programmable. That programmability being built on the TD1000 series platform of features, makes this product family the most versatile and powerful field programmable pressure transducer on the market. Spike Monitoring Technology™ is built into the TDEPD, and for the first time, the information is viewable and resettable in the field by the user.

The TDEPD puts Spike Monitoring Technology™ directly into the hands of the users where it can be viewed on demand allowing for immediate system/machine adjustments. Once those adjustments are made, the data can be reset back to zero for another system/machine runoff.

Spike Monitoring Technology™ does not cost extra. It’s not an option, instead, it’s standard and built into every TD1000 series sensor as well as all of the subsequent new products built on that technology platform. Whether you’re looking for a powerful pressure transducer or for a diagnostic tool, Spike Monitoring Technology™ just might benefit you in your application. Contact Transducers Direct and let’s discuss it!

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