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2017 National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference

For the third year in a row, Transducers Direct participated in the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference in March in Orlando, Florida. This conference is for HVACR educators from across the country to learn about the latest technologies and changes in the industry—new products, current EPA guidelines and government standards, and the direction the industry is heading in the future. HVACR technicians from around the country also attended to see the latest products and technologies while updating their required certifications.

Transducers Direct is at the forefront of the HVACR industry’s move to wireless technology with the CirrusSense™ family of products. The first product in this family was the TDWLB series transducer, the world’s first wireless Bluetooth pressure and temperature transducer with battery life suitable for permanent installations. Attendees of the conference were able to see the CirrusSense™ products in action through live demonstrations of viewing the pressures and temperatures locally on their smart device using Transducers Directs free downloadable Apple and Android Apps. Attendees were hands-on experiencing the functionality built into the Apps with features such as naming the sensors, scaling the pressure range/gauge, setting high and low alarm levels with audible alerts, and viewing real-time Superheat and Sub-cooling calculations.

TDWLB Wireless RouterIn addition, Transducers Direct demonstrated how users are able to view their pressure and temperature measurements remotely by using the company’s innovative TDWLB-WR wireless router. Not only can you view all of the measurement data anywhere in the world an internet connection is available, this remote capability expands upon the functionality of the Apps by allowing for email and text alerts when alarm levels are reached as well as timestamped datalogging and reporting capability.

Transducers Direct also let attendees know that they were answering the industry’s need for a short-term datalogging sensor. This functionality is being built into the TDWLB series sensor and will allow the technicians to quickly install it on a system that is giving them trouble. Then, they can leave the site and come back after a period of time to evaluate the stored data in order to troubleshoot the system. When done, they remove the sensor and carry it with them to the next job. The attendees welcomed the news of this new product and were told it would be available early in Q3, 2017.

Transducers Direct will continue to contribute to the training of future HVACR technicians by exhibiting at the 2018 conference in Las Vegas. The company is currently working on the new CirrusSense™ family of products to introduce to the HVACR market at that conference. The company will continue to stay at the forefront of wireless technology, developing new products with more features and better value to address the needs of HVACR market.

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