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TD1000 Pressure Transducer
TD1000 Pressure Transducer

TD1000 Pressure Transducer


From: $199.00

Ultra High Resolution Digital Measurement, General Purpose, Pressure Transducer that Includes Vacuum and Compound Pressure Ranges.

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Product Description

The TD1000 pressure transducer is a digital/configurable (an industry first) industrial pressure transducer. It features stability and accuracy over a wide temperature range at lower cost than competitive units typically not found in older analog designs yet is plug and play with most lower grade competitive units.

With its flexible low power design and lower manufacturing costs, the TD1000 pressure transducer offers outstanding value and makes it ideal for custom wireless applications.

  • Total Digital Design
  • Voltage and Current Outputs
  • Custom Pressure Ranges and Outputs Available
  • 2x Overpressure Standard
  • Optional 4x or 10x Over Pressure (most ranges)
  • Optional IP69K Electrical Connection (High Pressure Wash Down)
  • 0.25% Accuracy
  • Low Current Consumption (Ideal for Custom Wireless Solutions)
  • 24V Digital Output for Pressure or Temp Switch Point (voltage outputs only)
  • Spike Monitoring Technology™
  • Oxygen Cleaning Available
  • Mating Cable Assembly Required - Transducer Cables Page »

Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs


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