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Time-To-Digital Converter Chips

Time-to-Digital-Converters for time-of-flight, laser applications and digital weight scale and time to digital converters for Scientific, Military, Industrial, Physics, and Medical systems, weapons, components, devices, machines and equipment.

Laser Design

Laser Range Finders


Medical Imaging

High Energy Physics

Ultrasonic Heatmeters Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Digital Weigh Scales
Speed ensors

High Resolution Time-to-Digital Converters

Acam is a pioneer in the field of time-to-digital technology used for high resolution time measurement. Acam time-to-digital converters replace traditional analog based systems to reduce costs and shorten design cycles.

Possible Applications of Acam TDC Technology

Time-of-Flight Laser Distance Meters Ultrasonic Heat Meter
Weight - Load Cells Magnetostrictive Positioning Measure Capacitance
Frequency and Phase Shift Speed Sensor Pressure Sensor

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