About Transducers Direct®

Transducers Direct HQ

Who We Are

Our Mission: "Wow the Customer"

Transducers Direct® is an Ohio based privately held pressure transducer, pressure sensor and industrial components manufacturer. The company was founded in 1999 by pressure sensor business insiders and now have decades of experience from its employees.

Transducers Direct® designs, develops and manufactures innovative pressure sensors for industrial, HVAC, agricultural, marine, home automation and IoT (Internet of Things).  Our technical team advises and guides the end user, reseller and OEM engineers and buyers with product selection from low cost to high performance including custom designs and  technical integration. Our Mission statement is clear, "Wow the Customer." You will work with professional people with passion, integrity and experience every step of the way. Attributes often not found today.

End users and OEM's to the US Navy Aircraft Carriers trust Transducers Direct® as a key vendor and source of value-added application expertise. Let us prove to you today what industry leaders already know!

What We Do


Exceed Client Expectations

We help end users, OEM's, military, homeland defense, and Fortune 100 companies around the world improve performance, shorten deliveries, and reduce costs.


Business Globally

We do business globally with special sales programs in the USA for manufacturers representatives, and internationally for OEMs and distributors / resellers.


Superior Service

For High-Volume, OEM and Reseller projects, we'll tailor, configure and package solutions to your requirements and back you with 24/7 support.

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