Chat Survey Response Regarding Dwain Jackson:

"Fast, friendly, and helpful. What more could a customer want?"



Customer Comment Regarding Janette Wambold:

"I sincerely appreciate you sent 2 emails 2 days in a row, Monday afternoon and then Tuesday, both asking if I could/did re-send the PO you did not have on your end. That is the kind of attention to detail I not only have great respect for to get things done but I also do that myself on occasion clomid pris. If  vendor does not answer me about a late PO promptly I also send a second email, usually a forward of my first email  that I inquired about the late PO, so the vendor realizes I have asked twice because they did not answer the first email timely enough to satisfy me."

"I wish every vendor I deal with had people with your sense of urgency skill and who understood how to get things done!  I mean that!!!"

Paul L.,

Chris was very professional and helpful.

Ashley D,

No matter who I am speaking with at Transducers Direct, no one ever says "that is not my department" and everyone always tries to help - they do not pass the buck!

John C,