TDWLB-DL: Tracking & Logging Potable Water Applications Has Never Been Easier

TDWLB-DL SeriesMany of our customers already love the TDWLB-DL that allows for wireless pressure monitoring and data logging. With the TDWLB-DL, you have the ability to save up to 32,000 pressure and/or temperature records that can then be emailed and opened in an excel spread sheet.

One of our customers has made the switch from using a pressure gauge to measure water pressure to using the TDWLB-DL so they can track and data log in potable water applications.

One such application is to track water pressure and log the data for fire hydrants. The TDWLB-DL is attached to the hydrant cap, which is then threaded on the fire hydrant. The TDWLB-DL provides:

  • Static pressure data (pressure of the system with no water being discharged).
  • Residual pressure data (pressure of the system while discharging water from the port or hydrant).

TDWLB on Fire Hydrant

When using 2 transducers (1 pressure and 1 flow), the fire hydrant can be monitored by a single person, rather than two. Our customer still utilizes 2 different fire hydrants for this testing but is able to only have one person monitor the pressure using the Bluetooth wireless communication. Previously, this required 2 people. This saves time and money because the fire department does not have to send two crews.

Our customer also uses the TDWLB-DL on fire hydrants to see if there are any drops or spiking of pressure on the water mains. The TDWLB-DL will be mounted on the cap of the fire hydrant for a week or more to obtain the data needed.

Contact the technical sales team at Transducers Direct for more information, or 513-583-9491.

2 Responses

  1. Craig Halliday
    Hello Am I able to change the length of the interval times? Currently our TDWLB records every second and I'd like it to record every minute to capture data over a longer period of time. Thanks Craig Halliday District of Squamish
    • Transducers Direct
      You are able to change the measurement intervals in the app. Once connected, select the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Select Advanced Settings. Click on the Measurement Interval and select a measurement interval from the menu. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 513-583-9491 or email us at

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