NEW Low-Cost Wireless Pressure Transducer Ready for OEM Applications

With battery life suitable for permanent installations, the TDWLB-LC series pressure transducer addresses the requirements of OEM applications by offering reliable measurements, robust wireless communication, incredibly long battery life, and low OEM pricing.

TDWLB-LC Low Cost OEM Wireless Pressure TransducerMany applications would benefit from eliminating wiring or being able to move the operator away from the machine or equipment for safety reasons, perfect for oil/gas and mining industries. In addition, the TDWLB-LC sensors are a perfect replacement for pressure gauges in many applications, especially when the gauges are located in hard to reach locations. The marine industry and the cylinder gas industry are two examples of applications demanding this product for that reason. These industries want the ability to view pressures locally on their smart device, or remotely using the optional TDWLB-WR router/gateway, without having to physically get to where the pressure gauges are located.

Currently offered with Bluetooth communication, Transducers Direct will work with OEMs to provide the communication protocol they desire - Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, or their own proprietary protocols. In addition, if companies have a system built around a controller, Transducers Direct will supply them with the Attribute Database (API) so they can write their own App or Bluetooth receiver to easily integrate the TDWLB-LC into their system.

Transducers Direct will formally launch this product in Q2 2018, but is working with OEMs now in preparation for getting them sensors for testing. Contact our technical team to discuss the features of this NEW wireless sensor to determine how it can enhance your product and set you apart from the competition. Call 513-583-9491 or email



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