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CirrusSense™ Wireless Solutions

Transducers Direct made history by being the first pressure transducer manufacturer in the world to offer a Bluetooth certified and FCC certified wireless pressure transducer with battery life suitable for permanent installations. Built on the TD1000 series measuring platform, the TDWLB series wireless pressure transducers make high resolution digital measurements using very little power, making this technology perfect for wireless and battery operated applications. The TDWLB wireless pressure transducer also has temperature measurement capability and it’s part of Transducers Direct’s CirrusSense™ Wireless Solutions. These products give the user the ability to view the data either locally on their smart device or remotely using the TDWLB Wireless Router / Gateway and Data Portal. The CirrusSense™ solution allows for alarms to be set to receive audible alerts locally or email/text alerts remotely as well as the ability to log timestamped data and generate reports.

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* Base Model OEM Pricing is per 1000 Units.