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Electronic Pressure Switches

The TDEPS is an industry first electronic pressure switch which has all 17-4 PH stainless steel wetted parts, a large DIN connector, and is also available in a high current version, rated up to 10 amps. The set point and hysteresis can be custom set at our factory to the exact customer specifications. The sensor is UL approved and typically ships in less than 1 week.

Our TDEPD is a field programmable pressure switch and transducer in one sensor. The output, set points, and spike counters can be programmed by the user in the field. It has up to two switch output options and an analog output option along with a patented 360 degree scrolling LED bi-color display.

Both the TDEPS and TDEPD also house patented redundant sensing elements allowing the sensors to continue to operate should half the bridge fail in high shock and vibration environments. This technology is unique and only offered by Transducers Direct.

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* Base Model OEM Pricing is per 1000 Units.