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Bluetooth Transducer Keeps You in Your Seat!

Many of our customers love how our TDWLB bluetooth transducer allows them to measure pressure on their equipment without moving from their seat. This flexibility is one of the main reasons our bluetooth transducer has been so successful. Such is the case with Robert Fleming, who utilizes our bluetooth transducer to measure the air pressure in his RV trailer air bags!

In the past, Robert would have to get out of his truck to see the air pressure of his RV air bags when the trailer was lowered and raised. Now, after installing our Bluetooth transducer in his system, he is able to monitor the pressure without leaving the comfort of his truck. This new process makes the task much easier and faster and is a perfect example of one of the many ways the TDWLB bluetooth transducer can be customized to fit numerous applications.

TDWLB Wireless Transducer InstalledRobert explains, "The sensor works perfectly. Initially I will have to measure the truck height uploaded, couple the trailer, and then inflate the airbags until the truck raises to its unloaded height. I can then set the upper level alarm to that pressure. After the initial setup, I will just inflate the airbags until I reach that set point. I have the lower pressure alarm set to 10 psi. When I drop the trailer, I can exhaust the air and know what the pressure is in the system without getting out of the truck."

Transducers Direct appreciates Robert's business very much and wishes him all the best on the road.

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  1. Do u read the pressure on your phone?
  2. mm Chris Gamm
    Barry, you are correct. You can download our free application on the App store or on the Google Play store. The app will take real time pressure and temperature readings from the sensor. If you want to store the data, you can utilize our wireless router to send the information to a cloud portal. Further information and demonstration videos can be found in the following links: Please feel free to call us at 513-583-9491 to discuss your applications and requirements.

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